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Aqarios Luna is a platform specifically designed to facilitate the use of quantum technologies. It offers comprehensive services that support the entire journey from conceptualizing a use case to implementing a quantum-powered solution. The primary focus of Luna is on solving complex optimization challenges.

Luna empowers businesses to leverage quantum technology to solve the most intricate business problems. Although quantum computers offer vast potential, the complexity involved in developing, understanding, and implementing the required quantum algorithms poses significant challenges for many stakeholders. Luna provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows easy access to quantum hardware and the application of quantum algorithms. This approach eliminates the need to delve into the complex mechanics behind quantum algorithms, allowing users to focus instead on problem-solving and achieving practical solutions. Additionally, Luna offers extensive customization and flexibility for users with advanced expertise who wish to delve deeper into the technology.

Luna Product Family

Luna offers three closely related products designed to meet diverse needs: LunaSolve, LunaBench, and LunaQ. Each service is tailored to cater to specific requirements.

LunaSolve is a powerful cloud platform engineered to help businesses address complex optimization challenges effectively. It simplifies tasks that are traditionally complex and enhances efficiency.

LunaBench is an adaptable benchmarking framework that enables users to perform comprehensive evaluations of algorithms and use cases across quantum, hybrid, and classical environments.

LunaQ provides seamless access to a broad spectrum of quantum hardware, allowing users to execute their quantum algorithms on quantum computers through our platform as a single point of entry.

Access Luna

To acquire an account for accessing Luna, please reach out directly through our website. Upon registration, you will gain access to the Luna SDKs, complete with instructions and guidance for installation and environment setup.

Start Using Luna

To begin using Luna, simply import the packages you've installed, and you can start immediately. The way you interact with Luna will vary depending on the service you are using. For more detailed information on how each service operates, practical demonstrations can be found on each service's respective page:

For a deeper exploration of features, consult our User Guide, discover pre-implemented use cases in the Use Case Library, find a list of pre-implemented quantum, hybrid, and classical Solvers & Algorithms.

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