LunaSolve is a sophisticated cloud platform that streamlines solving complex optimization challenges for your business through the use of quantum computing. With its ease of use, you can quickly start by uploading and solving problems or utilizing existing scenarios from the Use Case Library, all through an intuitive user interface.

To get started with LunaSolve, refer to the Get Started page for instructions. Once you've set the foundation, you can directly dive into the service and start solving your optimization challenges.

  • Upload Problems: You have the flexibility to either select predefined optimization scenarios from our Use Case Library or upload your custom problems using established modeling formats such as LP and MIP files.

  • Transformation: Once your problem is uploaded, LunaSolve's advanced translation engine takes over, converting your input into an internal representation. This prepares your problem for effective processing using various algorithms, ensuring that it is optimally set up for the next stages.

  • Recommendation: After transformation, our Recommendation Engine evaluates your problem. Leveraging AI, heuristics, and domain expertise, it recommends the most suitable combination of algorithms and hardware for your use case.

  • Solve: In this phase, LunaSolve handles the actual computation and problem-solving. This process is fully automated, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience as you solve your optimization challenge.

  • Postprocess: Once the problem is solved, LunaSolve refines the solutions to present them in clear, actionable formats. This step translates complex mathematical outputs into understandable results, making them easy for you to implement and integrate into your business operations..

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