QCTRLQAOA - Qctrl Qaoa

QAOA is a popular algorithm that can be applied to a wide range of optimization problems that are out of reach today like portfolio optimization, efficient logistics routing, and asset liability management. This version of QAOA is from Q-CTRL's software framework “Fire Opal”. When running QAOA via Fire Opal, all aspects of running QAOA on real hardware are fully optimized to reduce errors and improve the quality of solutions. By tailoring all parts of the algorithm to be hardware-optimized, Fire Opal enables larger problems to converge on the correct solution and do so in fewer iterations, reducing the required execution time. For further information, see [Q-CTRL's documentation](https://docs.q-ctrl.com/fire-opal/topics/fire-opals-qaoa-solver).



Solution Example:

## Example of creating solution for qctrl_qaoa (QCTRLQAOA) from qctrl solution = ls.solution.create( optimization_id=optimization.id, solver_name="QCTRLQAOA", provider="qctrl", parameters={}, qpu_tokens={} )


organization_slug: Any

Organization slug from the organization of the user. Required, if the user is part of more than one organization. This information can be retrieved from your Q-CTRL account.

Default: None

backend_name: str

Defines backend simulator for the algorithm. To see, which backends are available, please check your ibm account. It usually starts with 'ibm_', e.g., 'ibm_osaka'. 'least_busy' is also allowed. In this case, the least busy solver will be used.

Default: None

hub: str

The IBM Quantum hub.

Default: "ibm-q"

group: str

The IBM Quantum group.

Default: "open"

project: str

The IBM Quantum project.

Default: "main"